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The More You Know About: Consumer Safety

AIDS Caused by a Polio Vaccine?
- 2/07/00

Antiobiotics: The Dilemma - 10/07/02

Autism and Vaccine - 11/30/00

Polio Vaccine Used in Africa to Be Tested for AIDS Contamination - 4/17/00

Antibiotics = Childhood Asthma? - 8/9/99

Amoxicillan - "No Benefits" 3/10/97

Annual Cost of Prescription Drug Use in the United States9/12/96

Anthrax Vaccine: FDA Tests Find Squalene11/15/00

Are Vehicle Damage and Occupant Injury Always Proportional?10/10/90

Automotive Safety News11/02/98

Consumer Reports Cannot Con the Consumer5/29/00

DTP and Tetanus: Do Vaccinations Cause Asthma?3/8/00

Flu and Viral Infections9/1/01

Hepatitis B Vaccine Comes under Fire - 8/23/99

Hepatitis B Vaccine May Be Linked to Juvenile Diabetes - 7/10/00

How Does Your 4-Passenger Car or Minivan Stack (Crack)Up?5/18/98

Immunization: What Do the Data Really Show? - 9/6/99

Infant Walkers: What's Best for the Baby?
- 11/30/02

Low-Speed Collisions and Injury5/22/95

Low-Speed Rear Impact Collisions11/06/95

Meningitis Vaccine under Scrutiny in UK10/16/00

MDs for Sale -- Buying Prescription Favors4/3/00

Medical Journals Neglect Preventive Medicine?12/14/00

Medicine and the Law: AMA's Secret Pact with HCFA10/8/01

Medications and the Media: Coverage Leaves Much to Be Desired1/15/01

Medicine Poisoning Our Grandparents?4/22/94

NSAIDs and Acetaminophen But How Safe Are They?2/13/95

Occupational Health and Safety Programs for the Workplace11/18/96

Polio Vaccine and AIDS: No Link Seen10/31/00

Polio Vaccine: CDC Changes Its Policy3/6/00

Postconcussion Syndrome (PCS): Recent Literature4/24/95

Report Lambastes Drug Makers for Exaggerating Costs9/12/01

Rotavirus: CDC Calls for Suspension of Childhood Vaccine - 10/4/99

Rotavirus Update: More Adverse Reactions, Death Possibly Linked to Vaccinations - 11/1/99

Rotavirus: CDC Pulls the plug on Vaccine - 11/15/99

Rotavirus Vaccine May Trigger Juvenile Diabetes - 9/18/00

Upper Extremity Injuries in the Trucking Industry - 6/14/99

U.S. Low Back Pain Guidelines1/16/95

Vaccination Issues: A "Conscious Contrarian" Speaks7/10/00

Vaccines: Physician Group Calls for an End to Mandatory Administration1/29/01

Vaccines May Be Linked to Gulf War Syndrome6/12/00

Water Disinfection Byproducts: Trihalumethanes and Carcinogenicity8/24/98


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