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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - December 14, 2000

December 14, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 26
Back Pain Literature: What Have We Learned?
William F. Brady
California Board Gives Life, Palmer and Sherman Colleges "60-Day Notice"
Editorial Staff
Extremity Adjusting Techniques: Excessive Foot Pronation, Part I of III
Mark Charrette
Chiropractic vs. N.Y. Department of Buildings
Chris Koultukis
The Risk of Injury for Children Exposed to Whiplash Trauma
Arthur Croft
Chiropractic at the Crystal Cathedral
Editorial Staff
Report: Major Medical Journals May Neglect Preventive Medicine
Michael Devitt
Dynamic Chiropractic's Doctors of the Year
Editorial Staff
Our Nation's Health Ranking - #37
Michael Epitropoulis and Cal Streeter
Are You Thinking of Selling Your Practice?
David Foster
Millionaire Revisted
Stanley Greenfield
Considerations for Conservative Treatment of Rotator Cuff Rupture
Warren Hammer
The Search for a Science of Straight Chiropractic: Herbert Marshall Himes, D.C., Ph.C., F.I.C.C.
Joseph Keating, Jr.
Thoracolumbar Junction Responsible for 40% of Low Back Pain
Joseph Kurnik
A Moment of Silence for Harold J. Kieffer,DC,FICC
Editorial Staff
New in Brief
Editorial Staff
Our Virtual Chiropractic Association - Your Vote Really Counts!
Editorial Staff
DUH! Teaching MDs Not All It Could Be
Donald Petersen
Patellofemoral Pain: Open vs. Closed Chain Exercises
Thomas Souza
DC Online (Research)
Brian Sutton
Training MDs to Adjust Offers "Little Extra Benefit," Study Says
Editorial Staff
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Editorial Staff

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