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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 17, 2000

April 17, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 9
College Presidents Call for "Consolidation of NBCE Parts II and III"
Editorial Staff
Medical Bias and Supplements, Part II: Vitamin C and Kidney Stones
G. Douglas Andersen
Referral, Appropriateness and Demand for Chiropractic Down Under
Editorial Staff
Functional Thyroid Disorders, Part II
David Brady
Pelvic Unleveling
Kim Christensen
Connecticut Chiropractic Association Adopts Position Statement on Primary Care
Richard Duenas
The Medical-Legal Arena
Guy DiMartino
JMPT Research Abstracts for March/April 2000
Editorial Staff
ChiroMaster 2000 Awards Contest Coming Soon
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters & E-Mail
Editorial Staff
What Is the Mechanism of Injury for the Low Back? How Is Low Back Injury Produced?
Craig Liebenson
Life U. Wins NAIA Division I Nat'l Championship
Editorial Staff
Report to Congress on Chiropractic in the Military: "Feasible, but not Advisable"
Editorial Staff
Myofascial Pain Syndrome Presenting as Chronic Pelvic Pain
Nancy Molina
NBCE: More Questions
Editorial Staff
Now It's up to the National Board Delegates
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Polio Vaccine Used in '50s in Africa to Be Tested for AIDS Contamination
Michael Devitt, associate editor
Doctors Writing "Poems"? Do Tell - Can They Help Make Patients Well?
Louis Sportelli

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