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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - November 30, 2000

November 30, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 25
Questionable Interpretations of the Literature: The Lipoic Acid Example
G. Douglas Andersen
Autism and Vaccine
Tim O'Shea
Bahamas "Health Professions Act" Includes Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
President Clinton Signs 2001 National Defense Authorization Act
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic in Cuba: an Opportunity to Help 11,000,000 People
Leroy Perry
Making the Holidays Special
Rose Jacobs
Life's Little Adjustments: Three Li'l Words
Steve Kelly
The State of the Art - "Evidence-Based Care": Part Three of a Four-Part Series
Craig Liebenson
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Is It a Pseudosubluxation or a True Subluxation?
Deborah Pate
Obstacles and Barriers to CAM Research
Anthony Rosner
Southeast Forum News
Editorial Staff
Top 10 Election Campaign Contributors among Health Professionals*
Editorial Staff
Vatican Recognizes Association of Catholic Chiropractors
Karen Shields-Wright
Good Questions to Ask Our Politicians
Chester Wilk
Congressmen Challenge VA to Develop "Meaningful Chiropractic Participation"
Editorial Staff
ICA's Malpractice Insurance Program - Separating Fact from Sales Propaganda
Stuart Hoffman
"Bankruptcy Looms" for Reliance/CBS
Editorial Staff

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