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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 3, 2000

April 3, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 8
Natural Hormone Replacement: A Case Study
Michael Epitropoulos and Cal Streeter
The Third Paradigm
Reginald Gold
Market Share
Stanley Greenfield
Fascia Can Restrict Intersegmental Motion
Warren Hammer
The Early College Wars, Part I
Joseph Keating Jr.
Reelin' in the Years - A Chiropractic Memoir
Stephen Kelly, managing editor, Dynamic Chiropractic
ChiroWeb Ranks High on Web's Major Search Engines
Editorial Staff
Hamstring Injuries Resulting from Sacroiliac Dysfunction
Joseph Kurnik
Selecting the Appropriate Level of E&M Code
Alan Lyons
MDs for Sale
Editorial Staff
A Moment of Silence for W.C. Lee,DC (1914-2000)
Editorial Staff
Justifying a Billing Service
Flo Murray
News In Brief
Editorial Staff
Who Needs Research? We Already Know Chiropractic Works!
Michael Pedigo
The Forward Head Posture
David Seaman and Steve Troyanovich
Southeast Forum News
Editorial Staff
Knee Update
Thomas Souza
A Summary of Reports from the State Associations
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Students Weigh in on NBCE Controversy
Editorial Staff
DC Online (Research)
Brian Sutton
Documentation of Physical Capacity: It's Purpose in Rehabilitation
Craig Liebenson

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