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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - March 20, 2000

March 20, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 7
The Eight (Hui) Influential Points
John Amaro
Medical Bias and Supplements, Part I: Multiple Vitamins
G. Douglas Andersen
Functional Thyroid Disorders, Part I
David Brady
Kubler-Ross and Health Care in the 1990s
Gerard Clum
Do DTP and Tetanus Vaccinations Cause Asthma?
Michael Devitt, assistant editor
Muscle Metabolism: Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
Thomas Griner
Please - Shut Up!
Kiki Herfert
I.Q. - Interesting Quotes
Editorial Staff
Insurance: The Nature of the Beast
Rose Jacobs
ChiroWeb Kiosk - 400,000 Banners for Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Identity Loss and Associated Disorder
Joseph Kurnik
The Role of Afferentation in Function Outside In, Below Up (OIBU)
Craig Morris
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Drugs Can't Be the Answer
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
MPI Is More than Palpation and Examination
Keith Innes
Bone Mineral Density Measurement (BMD)
Deborah Pate
Matthies v. Mastromonaco,DO: The Right to Be Informed, or Research Findings Come Home to Roost.
Anthony Rosner
What Does the FCLB Have to Do with the NBCE?
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Reps. Meet with Dept. of Veterans' Affairs
Editorial Staff
Another Lawsuit for VF-Works
Editorial Staff
One Chiropractor's Nightmare
Dean Weiben
We Get Letters & E-Mail
Editorial Staff

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