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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - September 18, 2000

September 18, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 20
ACA Files Major Lawsuit against Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Editorial Staff
American Specialty Health Plans Responds
Editorial Staff
Adjusting Perspective: Chiropractor Joins Flying Doctors of America in Jamaica
Roxanne Campbell
Editorial Staff
CRASH 2000: Human Volunteer Low and Moderate Speed Crash Testing
Arthur Croft
Susan Myshka, DC: Chiropractor Today, Congresswoman Tomorrow?
Editorial Staff
Report: Rotavirus Vaccine May Trigger Juvenile Diabetes
Michael Devitt
A Toxic Patient Cannot Get Well
Michael Epitropoulos and Cal Streeter
Body Count
Stanley Greenfield
Back to Basics
Warren Hammer
Gouty Arthritis: The Missed Diagnosis
Daniel W. Hough
The Chirons: Images from World War II and Afterward
Joseph Keating
ChiroWeb Kiosk
Editorial Staff
Heat or Ice? Determination Based on the Phase of Healing
Duane T. Lowe
A Moment of Silence For P.D. Bosma,DC
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic's Greatest Failure
Tom Necela
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
How Low Will You Go? The Nation's MCOs Drool as They Watch
Donald Petersen
Sports Update
Thomas Souza
DC On Line
Brian Sutton
Research Moratorium for Acute Low Back Pain
Michael Tetrault
Your Own Chiropractic Website
Editorial Staff

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