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The More You Know About: Exercise

Bodybuilding - Mother Nature's Way 3/1/91

Bracing during Exercise4/21/97

Cauda Equina Tumor in Joggers9/1/96

Cryotherapy Protocols11/4/96

Cumulative Therapy6/20/90

Exercise and the Healthy Heart11/30/02

Exercise: How to Make It Fun6/19/95

Exercise Physiology Issues5/4/98

Exercise Physiology Issues, Part II6/15/98

Exercise Physiology Issues, Part III7/27/98

Exercise Physiology Issues, Part V10/19/98

Gravity, Oxygen and You, Part III6/1/98

Joint Rehabilitation and the Use of Exercise Tubing12/1/97

Lumbar Scoliosis with Pelvic Obliquity 5/17/99

Motor Control/Stabilization Exercises10/21/96

Muscle Metabolism: Aerobic vs. Anaerobic3/8/00

Muscle Strain Revisited2/23/98

Muscular Imbalance 7/26/99

Nutritional Considerations5/20/96

Ocular Problems and their Relevance2/11/94

Musculoskeletal System - 9/20/99

Physical Capacity: Its Role in Rehabilitation - 4/3/00

Physicals for Student Athletes - 10/21/02

Postural Deficits: Treatment with Therapeutic Exercise5/20/96

Postural Imbalance and Manual Muscle Testing11/15/00

Postural Stability: Its Role in Chiropractic Care11/30/98

Posture, Chiropractic Education and Treatment1/1/00

Posture Dysfunction Secondary to Poor Ocular Alignment5/6/94



Skiing Injuries to the Hand2/07/00

Spinal Rehabilitation: Integration of Active and Passive Care 4/5/99

Spinal Stabilization Exercises4/24/95


Therapeutic Exercise - A Tool in the Management of Clinicopathological Entities9/11/92

Therapeutic Exercise, Part I3/26/93

Therapeutic Exercise, Part II4/23/93

TMS and Postural Muscle Imbalances8/2/91

Volleyball Injuries 5/1/00

What Exercises to Prescribe? 11/04/02


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