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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - September 25, 1992

September 25, 1992 Issue
Volume 10, Issue 20
ACA Wins an Emmy
Editorial Staff
How Can Enzymes Assist in Fighting the AIDS Virus
A.J. Cichoke
The Biggest Research Project Yet: We Need Your Help
Arthur C. Croft Can
Organic Problems and Chiropractic
Alfred L. Logan
Lyme Disease: The Great Imitator
Brad McKechnie
AHCPR Responds to WCA's Second Misleading Announcement
Editorial Staff
APHA Meeting to Feature Chiropractic Topics
Editorial Staff
Sports Chiropractic Group Formed
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic in the Media
Barbara Migliaccio
Leander Announces Ownership Change and Reorganization
Editorial Staff
The Presses Are Rolling!
Editorial Staff
Secretary of Education Denies Renewal of SCASA Accreditation
Editorial Staff
Sec. of Ed. Renews Status of CCE's Commission on Accreditation
Editorial Staff
The Puzzling Case of Temple Pain and Nasal Drip -- Part I
Editorial Staff
An "American Bonesmith" in Hungary
Dr. David Eisenberg
Your Public Image
Parameters of Chiropractic Treatment -- Part I
Gerald T. Andreoli
Acupuncture and Scope of Practice
John A. Amaro
Brain Tune-Ups
James R. Herriott
It Works, It Works, It Works!
Joseph C. Keating Jr.
Helping Kentuckiana Help the Children
Editorial Staff
What If ...
Keith Innes
In Pursuit of Ethics -- Part I
Linda S. Elyad
"Time for Your Prick"
Lendon H. Smith, THE FACTS
A Challenge to Dr. Ward's "Psychosomatic Connections"
Marion McGregor
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic
Steven C. Eggleston
Allergies -- A Positive Immune Response
Theodore Douglas Jesse
We Get Letters
R.E. Miller
The Chiropractors' Role in Reducing Catastrophic Football Injuries
William J. Moreau Meeting

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