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Dynamic Chiropractic
September 25, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 20

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Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic

Category: Patient Care

Author: Lawrence H. Wyatt, D.C.

Soft cover, pocket width, 232 pages.

See pages xx, Part #T-144 for information on how to order

Record keeping, hospital protocols, orthopedic, neurologic, laboratory, radiology tests, differential diagnosis, and patient management protocols are some of the subjects covered in this reference book. It is the kind of book you will likely consult when you need some new ideas regarding a problematic condition of a patient. For example, Chapter 14, "Spine Pain," outlines dozens of causes of spine pain and groups them according to arthritides, chiropractic problems, developmental, infectious, metabolic, trauma, and tumors. There is a brief paragraph on each condition with common signs and what the doctor should look for.

A quick look in this book may lead the doctor to perform tests and rule out (or in) possible causes. There is no need to get out the Merck Manual with this book around. It is concise, thorough, and easy to use. The ease of use makes it valuable because it will be used, not sit on the shelf.

For the chiropractic student, the handbook is an excellent reference when learning the myriad of tests, easily understand what they are, how to perform them and why, and what the results mean. Those taking a board exam will have in their hands the best study outline I have ever seen.

I knew Dr. Wyatt as a radiology resident at Los Angeles College of chiropractic. I was so impressed with his knowledge that I would stand around the radiology laboratory just listening to him while he talked to others. His new book, Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic is evidence of his knowledge and desire to help others. We can be proud that this book was written by a chiropractic doctor. Dr. Wyatt has done all of us a great service.

There will be those in our profession who will be appalled that a chiropractic doctor writes a book that includes "medical" things. Those doctors need to wake up and realize this is the 20th century. There will be more chiropractors in the coming decade who will be practicing in hospitals. For those who choose to use their license that way, more power to them. I thank Dr. Wyatt for writing a book that will pave the way for our entrance into hospitals and earn respect from our professional colleagues.

Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic will obviously become a textbook at our major colleges. I recommend it to the practicing doctor also because of its concise approach, its explanations of interprofessional relationships, and because it outlines the standard of excellence for our profession. Thank you, Dr. Wyatt. Your work is truly appreciated.

Eggleston Rating: 8

"The New Psychology for Developing a Winning Team"

Category: Staff Training

Author: Maggie La Ragy

Six cassette tapes -- running time: four hours

Staff training is vital to every chiropractic office. The CA must be proficient at patient scheduling, controlling the appointment book, answering the phones, and must have a positive attitude toward patients.

Every doctor knows the critical importance of a dedicated and well-trained staff.

The author of these tapes, Maggie La Ragy, has been a chiropractic assistant, consultant, and speaker.

While the quality of the recordings is excellent, the content and the presentation are not up to that same level. The tapes sound as if they're being read from a script with no inflection or emotion. The presentation was not engaging, and although there was some material I considered worthwhile, it was not presented in a manner conducive to attentive listening.

Eggleston Rating: 2

Steven C. Eggleston, D.C.
Huntington Beach, California

Dynamic Chiropractic
September 25, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 20

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