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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - August 1, 1990

August 1, 1990 Issue
Volume 8, Issue 16
Practice Building Strategies for the '90s
Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College
Editorial Staff
Do You Know What You're Reading?
Editorial Staff
Fourth President of NYCC Invested
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Goes to Morocco
Editorial Staff
Associates and Positions
Editorial Staff
Judge Rules RICO Charges Directed Against Central DuPage Hospital in Chinnici Suit May Apply
Editorial Staff
Public Relations Committee Accepts Challenge To Improve Chiropractic's Image in Texas
DeWayne Mirtsching
National College of Chiropractic Announces New Chancellor
Editorial Staff
ICA Organizes Seminar On Chiropractic Hospital Privileges: Successful Team From New Center Hospital To Teach Program
Editorial Staff
Rapid Diagnosis
John Lowe
Philosophy for Chiropractors?
J.F. Winterstein
Hamstring Injuries
Keith Jeffers
Are You Just a Bag of Chemicals?
Lendon H. Smith, THE FACTS
NBCE Diplomate Certificate Status Clarified
Horace C. Elliott Status
First World Congress on Biomechanics---
Paul J. Osterbauer
Resolution of Posttraumatic Hematoma
R. Vincent Davis
"The Chiropractic College Admissions and Curriculum Directory 1990-91"
Editorial Staff
"Speaking in Strange Tongues"
Editorial Staff
Stephanie Mary McCubbin, D.C., Dies at Age 72
Editorial Staff
Evolution of Tension
William Eick
We Get Letters
Richard M. Powers Trail

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