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Dynamic Chiropractic Online is the Internet version of Dynamic Chiropractic, allowing readers to read the latest news and other articles well before they appear in the print version of the publication.

Past Articles & Graphs provides a link to the Dynamic Chiropractic archives. Users can search through over 7,000 articles by issue date, or they can conduct a keyword search if they're looking for specific information. The Archives also contains printable copies of the DC graphs that usually appear on the front page of Dynamic Chiropractic.

DC News Update is a free service for all doctors and students of chiropractic. DCs and students can sign up for an e-mail newsletter that keeps them up to date with the latest chiropractic news and information.

The DC Referral Directory lets patients and doctors locate chiropractors online. Users can conduct searches by last name, by city and state, by zip code, or (for international doctors) by city, state/province and country.

The Chiropractic Calendar lists upcoming chiropractic events and seminars, many of which contain active links for further information. Users can search for events occurring in the next 30, 60 or 90 days, or they can search for a specific date. Users can also submit seminar information for inclusion in the calendar.

Research Review provides information on the Chiropractic Research Review, a 12-page monthly newsletter that reviews chiropractic-related research papers from more than 100 scientific journals. Subscribers may also sign up for To Your Health, the electronic patient version of the monthly newsletter.

The Dynamic Deals and Events Newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter sent to doctors and students of chiropractic each week. Subscribers to ChiroDeals receive special discounts on selected chiropractic products and services.

In the Classified Advertising, users can browse through chiropractic practices for sale, practice opportunities wanted, associates and positions wanted, chiropractic equipment for sale, and other business opportunities. Users can also contact ChiroWeb's advertising department to place an ad or find out advertising rates.

Just for Students connects to the student section of ChiroWeb. The section contains links to each of the site's chiropractic college student forums, as well as discussion forums for the ACA, ICA, and the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. In addition, Just for Students offers a free bulletin board for students interested in partnering, associating or working for a DC, and an online chiropractic college directory.

Other Sources lists more than 150 links to other chiropractic resources. Links are displayed in alphabetical order and listed in the following categories: important articles and papers; chiropractic discussion groups; chiropractic colleges and institutions; national and international chiropractic associations; state and regional chiropractic associations; other chiropractic organizations; chiropractic publications; other health-related organizations and publications; government agencies; online libraries and resources; alternative health; and heath-related websites.

Discussion Forums connects users with ChiroWeb's discussion forums directory. Users may visit the "Talk Back" forums of Dynamic Chiropractic's columnists, as well as open forums for the ACA, ICA, and the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. The directory also provides links to ChiroWeb's other discussion forums, including Clinical Issues; Chiropractic Humor; Philosophy; Technique; Traditional Chiropractic; Hot Topics; and Student Forums.

ChiroPoll is an interactive online polling service provided by Dynamic Chiropractic. Users are encouraged to participate in the poll, which is updated bi-weekly. The site also offers a link to the ChiroPoll Archives, which lets readers browse previous poll results to better understand where chiropractors stand on various issues.

Meet the Staff offers an online directory of the staff of Dynamic Chiropractic. Meet the Staff is divided by department and includes a small photograph of each employee at Dynamic Chiropractic, as well as a description of each person's duties. The section also includes e-mail links to each department.

About ChiroWeb contains a link to ChiroWeb's trophy case, which displays the website awards this site has won. It also offers a link to DC's editorial guidelines on submitting an article for publication, as well as a wealth of advertising information, both in the print and online versions of Dynamic Chiropractic.

Contact Us displays ChiroWeb's e-mail directory. Users can read a brief description of each department's responsibilities. The section also includes direct e-mail addresses and telephone/fax numbers for each department.

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