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What's Your Patient's Wellness Number? It's Time You Found Out
July, 2012
The germ theory of disease was popularized by Louis Pasteur in the mid 1800s. The theory was not new at the time Pasteur claimed to have "discovered" it and for the most part had been dismissed as invalid by the leading scientists of the day.

Dealing with Bad Patients and How to Get Better Ones
June, 2012
Bad patients. We've all had them at one time or another; a person who makes everything more difficult, frustrating, complicated and drains the energy out of your practice. Bad patients foster a stressful practice environment.

How to Develop a Successful Business Plan for Your Practice
June, 2012
I'll bet that when you began your chiropractic career, you never imagined that you would rationalize owning a business. It is true, chiropractic is not only the science of healing, but it is also business ownership.

Implementing a Weight Loss Program Into Your Practice
June, 2012
As chiropractors, we learn in school or very early in practice that there are two things you do not talk about with patients; politics and religion.

They Sleep Well, They Get Well
June, 2012
That simple question, "Doc, which mattress is best for my condition?" might be more important than you think. Research shows most people are sleeping on the wrong mattress; one that is not supporting and cushioning properly.

Practice Impossible, Part 2: The Staff
June, 2012
Recently we became interested in the television program Restaurant Impossible. The Food Network show is hosted by Robert Irvine, a noted chef and restaurateur. The premise of the show is to help failing restaurants by giving them a complete makeover.

The Zero Balancing Paradigm
June, 2012
Authenticity, passion, and Zero Balancing are my most effective strategies for patient retention and new patient referral; not pre-meditated scripts, bulk mailings, spinal screenings or chasing after patients or convincing them they need my care.

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