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Hosted Forum Disclaimer Agreement

In order to enter and participate in any of's Hosted Forums, User agrees that:

1. The Hosted Forums (bulletin boards) are managed and administered by the parties and organization listed at the top of each Hosted Forum.

2. Neither Dynamic Chiropractic nor is responsible for any information or statements that may be made on any of the Hosted Forums, and therefore cannot be held liable for any action taken, harm caused or loss associated in any way with anything posted on these Hosted Forums.

3. Hosted Forums are only for licensed Doctors of Chiropractic and that User is so qualified. By accessing a Hosted Forum, User agrees and affirms that User is a qualified, licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. User also affirms and agrees that as a Doctor of Chiropractic User is particularly qualified to judge the value, benefit and wisdom of all information communicated on these Hosted Forums.

User agrees that under no circumstances will User ever hold Dynamic Chiropractic or responsible for any event or occurrence that results from information posted on these Hosted Forums. User agrees that agreement to the above is absolutely required for entrance into the Hosted Forums and that the act of entering any one of the Hosted Forums is User's active expressed agreement and acceptance of the above terms.

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