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Research Summaries About Children's Health:

Abusing Antibiotics

Aerobic Exercise for Asthma?

Antibiotic Use Linked to Asthma

Antidepressants for Children: A Real "Downer"

Are Your Children Being Unnecessarily Medicated?

Athletics Don't Affect Girls' Growth

Battle Against Childhood Obesity Has Two Fronts

Breastfeeding Protects against Heart Disease?

Breastfeeding Reduces Childhood Asthma Risk

Breastfeeding Shown to Reduce Skin Rashes in Infants

Breast Milk Protects Against Asthma?

Charcoal: Not Just for Barbecues

Childhood Weight May Predict Weight in Adulthood

Children Burn More Calories After Low-Fat Meal

Cholesterol: Link between Mother and Child?

Cough Syrups Don't Reduce Cough Symptoms

Dietary Fats Affect Childhood Allergies

Does Cow's Milk Contribute to Diabetes?

Dog-Gone Allergies!

Don't Be a Cereal Killer!

Dramatic Rise in Childhood Obesity

Drinking Soda, Risking Bone Fractures

Earaches: Take a Wait-and-See Approach

Exercise Now = Strong Bones Later?

Extended Cabs, Extensive Risks

Fruit May Boost Bone Health in Young Girls

Glue Ear: An All-Too-Common Problem

Improving Academic Performance with Nutrition

In the (O)Zone

In Your Best Interest?

Is Your Baby at Risk?

Lack of Sleep Ups Obesity Risk in Kids

Low-Fat Diet Won't Hinder Childhood Growth

Low-Iron Diet = Low Math Scores

Maternal Drinking Might Influence Attention Deficit Disorder

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Mom, I Have a Soda Headache!

Moo Over Asthma, You've Got an "Udder" Thing Coming!

No Argument -- Always Buckle Up

Physical Activity: Good for Your Baby's Bones

Physical Activity Strengthens Children's Bones

Physical Complaints May Predict Teen Depression

Physical Education Gets an 'F'

Playing Sports, Staying Healthy

Playing a "Weighting" Game With Children's Blood Pressure

Poor Diet Linked to Increase in Childhood Asthma

Prone to Problems

Pump a Little Iron

Racking Our Children's Brains

Reality TV vs. the Reality of TV

Ruling Out Penicillin for Childhood Sore Throat

Safety Gear No Substitute for Supervision

Secondhand Smoke and Kids: A Bad Combination

Smart From the Start

Soft Drinks and School Kids Don't Mix

Soy Protein for School Lunches

Start Smart, Stay Healthy

Take It Outside ... for Baby's Sake

Teach Your Children the VALUE of Exercise

The Key to Training Is Moderation

Too Many Children Still Drinking (and Driving)

Too Many Tonsillectomies?

Too Much Juice

Trends in Teenage Eating Habits: The News Isn't Good

Unforbidden Fruit

Washing to Wellness

Watching and Learning

Watching Our Children Get Fat

Weight Loss for the Little One

Wrestling Your Way to Wellness

Which Activities Cause Your Kids Pain?

Workout, Baby, Workout!

Youth Football Earns an Extra Point

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