• Can I add links within the body of text I add through the Web Site Administrator?
    Yes, links can now be added to all pages except for the "Important Links" page by using the following HTML syntax example.

    The Important links page uses form fields to allow site administrators to add "link sets" which consist of a link title and it's corresponding link.

  • How do I access my Web site address?
    http://My Site Name.chiroweb.com (do not enter www).

    Note: replace "My Site Name" with your actual Chiroweb Site Name.
  • What is a URL?
    Uniform Resource Locator – a Web address.
  • How do I send a Broadcast message?
    Go to https://www.chiroweb.com/yours, enter User ID and Password, Log in, go to Broadcast e-mail message, enter subject and you may select from our sample messages or create your own. The salutation is automatically generated by the system. Once your message is complete, click on "send".
  • Can the Broadcast message be sent with the To Your Health e-mail newsletter?
    No, the newsletter is sent in bulk.
  • Can we list additional doctors on the homepage, instead of going to "About Us?"
    Go to "About Us"; you can list up to four doctors. Doctors appear on the homepage if the box is checked.
  • Why can't I use my existing domain name?
    We are virtual hosting for the main domain of ChiroWeb as part of our community building philosophy.
  • Can I change the existing patient forms on my Web page and use my own?
    No, these pages cannot be not customized, as we are using a template format.
  • Can we add pictures to all pages?
    Yes, you can select from our library of stock images, or upload your own photos. If you are not sure how to do this, you may e-mail the photos to us at myrep@mpamedia.com and we will upload for you at no charge.
  • I've removed graphics and would like to upload them again; however, I do not have a scanner.
    We can assist with uploading graphics, we also offer a scanning service.
  • Where is the "Managed Thread button?"
    It is in the community administration page. It will appear only if you have a message posted.
  • After I publish my Web site and make changes, why don't they appear when I view my Web site?
    Anytime you make changes, you must click the "Publish Site" button so the new information is uploaded to replace the existing information. See example below:

    Publish Site
  • Do I have to list all the navigation buttons on my Web site?
    No, if you do not want some to appear on the Web site, simply uncheck the box.
  • How often is the "Health News" section updated?
    New "Health News" content is uploaded every two weeks by our editorial department.
  • Can you provide any site statistics?
    Yes, go to the admin screen, enter your user ID and password. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and you will see the "Site Management" section where you can view site-visit statistics and retrieve Health History Forms.

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