Dynamic Chiropractic - June 19, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 13

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Researcher of the Year

Patricia Brennan, Ph.D., dean of research at National College of Chiropractic was awarded "Researcher of the Year" honors from the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER).

Chiropractic Language Will be Included

The new revised ICD-10 CM code book printed by the World Health Organization will contain, for the first time, diagnostic terminology for the spine using a chiropractic lexicon, replacing the "non-allopathic lesion" language.

Medicare Spending: Steady Growth for Chiropractic

Dr. Gary Street, vice president of the ICA and chair of its insurance relations committee, evaluates the increased spending under Medicare for chiropractic services.

A Plague upon the Land

National Association for Chiropractic Medicine continues to plague the profession.

Gott is Gone

In the April 24 Issue of "DC", George McAndrews took syndicated medical columnist Peter Gott, M.D. to task for two anti-chiropractic columns. We encouraged DCs to clip the McAndrews article and send it to papers who carrier Dr. Gott's column.

The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's largest paper has recently discontinued Dr. Gott.