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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - September 24, 2001

September 24, 2001 Issue
Volume 19, Issue 20
ChiroWeb on TV News
Editorial Staff
The Listings Continuum: Driving a Truck through a Paradox
Robert Cooperstein,DC, and Mitchell Haas,DC,MA
Graston Technique: A Necessary Piece of the Puzzle
Warren Hammer,MS,DC,DABCO
Are You a Victim of a Multidisciplinary Scheme?
Gerald Herrmann,Esq
ICA Threatened?
Editorial Staff
Groundbreaking Internship Program at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center
Editorial Staff
Of Birthdays and Paper Trails: FCLB's 75th Anniversary
Joseph Keating Jr.,PhD
Men in "Men-O-Pause"
John Maher,DC,ABAAHP
NBCE Cuts Expenses, Develops Practice Test, and Announces Exam-Fee Increase
Editorial Staff
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Calcific Shadows in the Abdomen
Deborah Pate,DC,DACBR
Please Come to Albuquerque
Donald M. Petersen Jr.,BS,HCD(hc),FICC(h)
Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Co. (PHICO) Downgraded
Editorial Staff
A Moment of Silence for June Micera,DC, and Jean Brown Wetterlin,DC
Editorial Staff
Brian Sutton,DC
John Talmadge,DC,DiplAc(IAMA)
The Oklahoma Story: How Are We Doing After 20 Years of Chiropractic INP?
Michael Taylor,DC,DABCI
U.S. Outdoor Track & Field Championships
Richard Gorman,DC,CCSP
Chiropractic on Television and Radio Websites
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters & E-Mail
Editorial Staff
Motions in limine: How They Can Work for or against You

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