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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - May 15, 2000

May 15, 2000 Issue
Volume 18, Issue 11
A True Weight LOSS Story
G. Douglas Andersen
Jet Lag Syndrome: Using Horary Points to Relieve the Symptoms of Jet Lag
Jeffrey Benton and Paul MacKenzie
APBCE Formation in Doubt
Editorial Staff Named 39th in Top 100 Health Web Sites
Editorial Staff
American Back Society: Millennium Meeting Sums It All Up, Part II
Robert Cooperstein
Net News Update
Michael Devitt
The Legal Anatomy of a PI Lawsuit
Guy DiMartino
Natural Health and Weight Management
Michael Epitropoulos and Cal Streeter
New Patients 101
William Esteb
Disability Claims: Smooth Sailing or Nightmare?
Arthur Fries
Gertrude Dunsworth Scholarship Renewed and Increased
Editorial Staff
Stanley Greenfield
The Early College Wars, Part II
Joseph Keating Jr.
Headaches and the Unresponsive Atlas Subluxation
Joseph Kurnik
The Day a Patient Entered My Office and Started to Die...
Craig Morris
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
How Have Chiropractors Fared in Recent Years with Whiplash Cases?
Lawrence Nordhoff
Chiropractically Pure?
Reed Phillips
CCCR and HRSA Announce Research Agenda Conference V
Editorial Staff
What's the Point of a Split Profession?
Guy Riekeman
Health Fraud or "Covert Advocacy?"
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Creating a World According to Hoyle Instead of Garp
Anthony Rosner
The Chiropractic-Russian Connection
Dennis Woggon
Why Don't Our Colleges Check Cadavers for Subluxations?
Jonathan Sevy
Life Hosts Pan American Conference on Tobacco Control
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters and E-mail
Editorial Staff
Increase Your Yellow Pages Revenue by 200 - 500%
George Youssef
People in Pain -- A Study that Cries Out for Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Association for Catholic Chiropractors Attends Congress of the Bishops and Health Care Workers in Vatican City
Karen Shields-Wright

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