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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - May 31, 1999

May 31, 1999 Issue
Volume 17, Issue 12
The Chiropractic Practice -- Now, and Then
Editorial Staff
Dogma, Not Science
Arnold Cianciulli
Practical Auto Crash Reconstruction in LOSRIC, Part I
Arthur Croft
How to Increase Your Income, Reduce Your Estate Taxes, Claim an Immediate Income Tax Deduction and Benefit Your Favorite Charity
Angelo Robles
Chiropractic Is Legal in Belgium!
Editorial Staff
Biking to Benefit Spinal Research
Editorial Staff
DC On Line
Brian Sutton
Student Scene: A Challenge to Students and Doctors of Chiropractic
Hal Ellen, Todd Hostetler, Steve Bailey and Maureen Hall
Chiropractic Sports Medicine: Conditions and Treatments
Daniel Batchelor
Limbus Vertebrae
Deborah Pate
Increasing Market Share, Part III: Maximizing Practice Options and Market Image in a Changing World
David Prescott
Push to Strengthen Licensing Boards
Editorial Staff
The Insurance Carriers May Not Forgive You If You Forgive Co-Payments
Peter Fernandez
"What Points Do You Use For ________?"
John Amaro
JMPT Abstracts for May 1999
Editorial Staff
Chiroweb Kiosk
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractic Adjustment, Weight Lifting and Common Sense: The Back
Mick Leone
Life U. -- Building the Foundation for Chiropractic in Costa Rica
Editorial Staff
Nat'l Board Delegates Seek Greater Authority
Editorial Staff
Northeast Forum
Editorial Staff
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Integrated Practices Come to Roost in America
Peter Van Tyle
It's Time to Take Our "Clothes" Off
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Regional College News
Editorial Staff
Sports Update: The Knee, Part I
Thomas Souza
We Get Letters & E-mail
Editorial Staff
Don't Forget Ober's Test
Warren Hammer

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