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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 19, 1999

April 19, 1999 Issue
Volume 17, Issue 9
Let's Get off the Tracks
Charles L. Blum
What You Need to Know When You Become an Estate Trustee, Part II
Barbara Zapotocky
ICPA Research Update
Claudia Anrig
Chondroitin Sulfate Research Update 1999
G. Douglas Andersen
The Headache Diagnosis and Management Series for the Chiropractor, Part II
Darryl Curl
Determining a Diagnosis of Facet Syndrome
Deborah Pate
Georgia Supreme Court Holds Reviewer Liable
Editorial Staff
The War's Over, but MD Continues the Fight
Editorial Staff
Idaho Supreme Court Rules that Dept. of Insurance Regulations Discriminate against Chiropractors
Editorial Staff
Indiana Association Campaign Reverses Insurance Co. Policy
Editorial Staff
Spectacular Acupuncture Points in Diffuse Musculoskeletal Pain -- with or without Needles!
Editorial Staff
Abstracts of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
Editorial Staff
Scheduling (and Rescheduling) Patient Appointments
Kiki Herfert
"The Motion of Systems and Not Their Anatomy Frequently Defines a Disorder"
Keith Innes
Chiroweb Kiosk
Editorial Staff
Gorillas in the Myths
Kenneth Satin
Understanding and Respecting Professional Boundaries, Part III
Gerald and Diane Lalla
Chiropractors as Consultants
Paul Hooper
American Back Society Meets in Las Vegas: Part II
Robert Cooperstein
Sternum-Specific: The Hidden Key
Charles Rollis
Meet You on the Internet Highway
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
A Walk on the Wild Side of Allopathic Medicine: Going Ballistic Instead of Holistic
Anthony Rosner
Ten (Relatively) Painless Ways to Reduce Your Student Debt
Tom Necela
Supreme Court Affirms Washington State's "Every-Category" Law
Editorial Staff

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