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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - November 2, 1998

November 2, 1998 Issue
Volume 16, Issue 23
Chiropractic on the Medicare Chopping Block
Editorial Staff
The 12 Commandments of Chiropractic
Arnold Cianciulli
Automotive Safety News
Arthur C. Croft Seats
The Backlash against Alternative Medicine
Anthony L. Rosner
California Board to Evaluate Colleges for Physical Therapy Curriculum Compliance
Editorial Staff
California Forum News
Editorial Staff
Repetitive Stress Syndrome
Claudia Anrig
David Satcher, MD, PhD, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
SAM, Part II
G. Douglas Andersen
Chiropractic Presentations at the Interdisciplinary Conference of the American Academy of Pain Management
David J. BenEliyahu, Robert Klinginsmith
Chiropractic Acquitted in Canada
Editorial Staff
Careful When Adjusting Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Deborah Pate
Flo Murray
Flo Murray
So, You Think You Know Acupuncture?
Editorial Staff
Attitudes among Physicians
Editorial Staff
Kiki Herfert
Kiki Herfert
Rx for a Paradigm Shift
M.L. Malmgren
A Brief History of the Internet
Michael Devitt
Northeast Forum News
Editorial Staff
News from the North East Chiropractic Council
Barry Freedman
Chiropractic Studies Published in NEJM Foment Storm of Reactions
Editorial Staff
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Minerals, Part II: Essential Minerals and Deficiency

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