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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - July 13, 1998

July 13, 1998 Issue
Volume 16, Issue 15
Historical Aspects
Larry Spicer
Helping Gatekeepers Refer to Doctors of Chiropractic
Arnold Cianciulli
Watchdogs Watching
Arthur C. Croft
Interview with Stanford Researcher John Astin, PhD
Editorial Staff
What Are the Implications?
Michael T. Costa
The Role of Chiropractic as We Approach the Year 2000 and Beyond
Chester A. Wilk
Glucosamine, Part III: Dosing, Safety and Side Effects
G. Douglas Andersen
WHO Task Force to Study Mild Brain Injury
Editorial Staff
A Moment of Silence for Dr. Walter Rhodes
Editorial Staff
Birth Trauma
Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock
The Wonders of E-mail
Editorial Staff
Golden Reflections, Modern Realities
Joseph C. Keating Jr.
Lesson Learned
June Leslie Wieder
Wilk vs. AMA: Was It Worth the Fight?
Michael D. Pedigo
NCMIC Approves 15% Rate Reduction
Editorial Staff
Broad-Based Alternative Health Center Opens in NY
Editorial Staff
CIN-BAD Hits the Internet
Editorial Staff
The Community Health Service Awards Go to --
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic to Play a Vital Role in Anti-Aging Medicine
Philip T. Santiago
Third Annual Research Agenda Conference
Editorial Staff
The Supply Side of Chiropractic Services: Do Doctors Work More for Less, or Less for Less?*
Robert Cooperstein
Who Are We?
Donald M. Petersen Jr.