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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 6, 1998

April 6, 1998 Issue
Volume 16, Issue 8
The Chiropractic Research Review -- A Painless Way to Keep Current
Arnold Cianciulli
Alternative Care Rotation for Third-Year Residents at Kaiser
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic's Presence Growing in the American Public Health Association
Editorial Staff
Fitness and Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Keep Your Finger on the Pulse
Bob Hoffman
NCMIC Grant Allows for Research on Live Human Subjects
Chris Colloca
National Chiropractic Legislative Conference
Editorial Staff
Spinal Algometry in Clinical Practice
David R. Reich
"Alternative Medicine" and a Harvard Medical Professor
Peri L. Dwyer
The UK's First University-Based Chiropractic Degree Program
Susan King
Affirmative Action for Chiropractic?
J.C. Smith
The State of Chiropractic Legislation -- Coast to Coast
Janet Jordan
Essential Ingredients of Proper Record Keeping
Gerald Lalla and Diane Lalla
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Southeast Forum
Editorial Staff
Understanding Lower Body Mechanics and Its Relationship to Chiropractic Principles
William D. Charschan DC
We Get Letters & E-Mail
Editorial Staff
Is It the Lumbar Spine or the Hip? A Test
Warren I. Hammer
What They're Saying About Chiropractic and Health Care in Washington DC
Editorial Staff

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