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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - February 9, 1998

February 9, 1998 Issue
Volume 16, Issue 4
Dallas Metro Company Dancers Benefit from Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Importance of the Industrial History
Scott Bautch, Steven Conway
Medicare and Freedom of Choice
Barbara Zapotocky
Functional Anatomy: Rehabilitation Implications
Craig Liebenson
Prescription Rights Denied in Colorado
Editorial Staff
DCs Meredith Bakke (R-Wisconsin)
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Touch
Charles M. Rollis
It Is Winter: Some Warnings about the Flu, Chicken Pox, Tylenol, Aspirin and Children
Darryl Curl
Nursing Home Patients in Danger
Editorial Staff
Chlorine in the World: Good or Bad?
David Gilkey
Interesting Quotes
Editorial Staff
Rehabilitation Compliance
Kim D. Christensen
Are the Movements of the Wrist and Hand during Normal Physiologic Actions Simple or Complicated?
Keith Innes
Solutions to Preventing Practice Pollution
Gerald T. Lalla and Diane Lalla
News from Life University
Editorial Staff
1998: A Real Chance to Make a Difference in the Congress of the United States
Louis Sportelli
Book Review
David Marquis
Digital Headlines: News Sites on the Web
Michael Devitt
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Prevention Magazine and Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Is There a Chiropractor in the House?
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Evaluating Patterns of Function: Effects of Kinetic Chain Dysfunction on the Neck and Back
William D. Charschan
The New ChiroWeb
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters and E-mail
Editorial Staff

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