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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - November 3, 1997

November 3, 1997 Issue
Volume 15, Issue 23
Congressman Norwood Wants You
Editorial Staff
NSAIDs -- The Unintended Consequences
Alan Cook
Report from the International Whiplash Conference in Bristol
Arthur C. Croft
Beware Trojan Horses Bearing Free AOL
Editorial Staff
Your Ammunition Is Here!
Editorial Staff
DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research)
Brian Sutton
Dr. Eisenberg Addresses "Implications of Alternative Medicine"
Nicholas Chamberlain
Dr. Greg Dunn: Leading the Largest Capital Campaign in Canadian Chiropractic History
Christine Johnson
Industrial Injuries to the Upper Extremities, Part I
Scott Bautch, Steven Conway
Conflicting Updates on Iron, Chromium, Meal Size, Milk, and L-carnitine
G. Douglas Andersen
A Reasoned "Cognitive" Approach to Work-Related Injuries
Dennis Lindsey
Over 41% of NSAIDs Prescriptions "Unnecessary"
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractor's Exercise Corner: Every Chiropractor Needs to Exercise to Improve Skill and Avoid Injury
Warren W. Bruhl
Goat's Milk: A Natural Alternative for Milk Sensitive Patients
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Research Garners More Federal Dollars
Editorial Staff
The Birth of the AMA, 1845-47
Joseph C. Keating Jr.
Cervical Injuries Resulting from Adjustive Procedures
Joseph Kurnik
Life West 2nd among 60 Colleges in Raising Money for AIDS Walk
Editorial Staff
Janet Travell, MD -- What She Meant to Me
Lucy Whyte Furguson
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
NIH Grant to "Test Hypotheses Central to Chiropractic Theories"
Editorial Staff
Review of the Conservative Management of Posttraumatic Hematoma
R. Vincent Davis
"That's How You Win"
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Should I or Shouldn't I?
Stanley B. Greenfield
A Window of Opportunity Has Opened for Chiropractic
Stephen R. Seater
Finding and Treating Heavy Metal Toxicity
David Quig, Paul Varnas
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Editorial Staff

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