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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - October 6, 1997

October 6, 1997 Issue
Volume 15, Issue 21
The Ad Hominem Attack: Don't Take it Personally
Arthur C. Croft
"Spinal Hygiene" -- The Chiropractic Profession's Gift to the World
Editorial Staff
ACA to Investigate the "Blues"
Editorial Staff
Multidisciplinary Practices -- MD/DC
Robert P. Borsody
DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research)
Brian Sutton
Magnesium, Part II
G. Douglas Andersen
Fibromyalgia Syndrome
David J. BenEliyahu
Don't Take Aspirin, but Call Me in the Morning
Darryl Curl
Animal Chiropractic: the "Honest" Subluxation
Daniel R. Kamen
Comming Attractions on the Internet -- New Domain Names
Editorial Staff
The Mouse Still Roars
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Epidural Injections: No Significant Functional Benefit for Sciatica
Editorial Staff
Do We Need to Re-test or Re-educate the Experienced Doctor of Chiropractic?
Editorial Staff
Expanding Your Practice to Include Homeopathy
Frank J. King Jr.
Notes from the Alternative Medicine Colloquium
Gerard W. Clum
Goat's Milk: A Natural Alternative for Milk Sensitive Patients
Editorial Staff
Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care
Kim D. Christensen
Drugs Not Hugs, or Does Advertising Pay?
Louis Sportelli
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Healing the Division of the Vision, Part II
Dean Black
Palmer Upheaval
Editorial Staff
A Victory Half Won ...
Peter Martin
Video Review
Editorial Staff
I Want to Save You Money
Stanley B. Greenfield
We Get Letters & E-Mail
Editorial Staff
Progress in Chiropractic Research
William C. Meeker

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