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Dynamic Chiropractic
June 16, 1997, Volume 15, Issue 13

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Book Review

Title: An Analysis of Radiographic Quality, Third Edition
Author: Daniel P. Donahue, BS
Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
Price: $52.00

This lab manual and workbook is ideal for the training of all personnel involved in the production of radiographic images. This third edition has been revised to present the material based on the ALARA principle, i.e., to keep the levels of radiation to "as low as reasonably achievable." The reduction of repeat radiographs through proper procedures and quality control are emphasized in every chapter. An entirely new chapter on quality control has been added and covers the topics of quality control and accountability, optimum KVP standardized technique charts for consistent film quality, and a patient and radiology personnel safety program.

The text is reader-friendly, with important statements highlighted and key terms well defined. There are chapters on recorded detail, distortion, density, contrast, quality control, and an excellent summary of quality analysis. Each chapter includes a summary, questions on the material and an analysis worksheet. In addition, 74 experiments are included that allow the student to practice and better understand the material covered in the text. These experiments are presented in a detachable worksheet format, which can simplify evaluating student progress.

In summary, this is an excellent lab manual and workbook for training all individuals involved in the radiographic imaging process. It is well designed and structured, detailed yet simple, and can be easily adapted to any level of instruction.

Dr. Casper's rating: 10 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best)

Gary P. Casper, DC, DACBR
University City, Missouri

Dynamic Chiropractic
June 16, 1997, Volume 15, Issue 13

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