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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - January 27, 1997

January 27, 1997 Issue
Volume 15, Issue 3
Is There an Engineer in the House? Or, the Sound of the One Eye Winking
Arthur Croft
Another Kind of Chicago Hope
Editorial Staff
DC On-Line (Chiropractic Research)
Brian Sutton
California Update
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Chalkboard
Editorial Staff
Sports Nutrition Update -- Abstracts from the American College of Sports Medicine 43rd Annual Meeting
G. Douglas Andersen
New Patient Promotion through Public Relations and Advertising
Editorial Staff
Homeopathy and Mental/Emotional Health: Anxiety and Agoraphobia
Frank King Jr.
Preying on the Elderly?
Editorial Staff
I.Q. -- Interesting Quote
Editorial Staff
Some Chiropractic Mileposts on the Physiotherapy Timeline
Kim Christensen
LACC Celebrates 85th Anniversary
Editorial Staff
Having Trouble in Personal Injury Cases? Get a Second Opinion
L.T. Fortell
Managed Care Organizations -- What Are They Up To?
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic and Kirlian Photography -- Viewing the Body's Energy Flow
Michael Courtney
NCMIC Acquires Managed Chiropractics
Editorial Staff
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Physiatry -- The Practice of Physical Therapy by a Physician
R. Vincent Davis
Filling the Information Gap
Donald M. Petersen Jr.
Hold the Pickles and the Lettuce ...
Stanley Greenfield
Study on Chiropractic Care for Adolescent Scoliosis is Encouraging
Editorial Staff
Diagnostic Ultrasound: PLL and ALL Fibrosis
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters and E-mail
Editorial Staff
How Many Doctors of Chiropractic? Something to Consider
William Meeker

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