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Dynamic Chiropractic
June 5, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 12

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Title: Sports Injuries of the Shoulder
Editor: Thomas A. Souza, DC, CCSP
Publisher: Churchill Livingston, 642 pages
Price: $139

Please see #T-162 on the Preferred Reading and Viewing List, pages 32-33 for ordering information.

Dr. Souza is the chairman of the department of diagnosis and a clinical professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic-West, San Jose, California.

This text has 10 contributing authors, including Dr. Souza. The authors include: three DCs; five MDs; and two PTs, making this text a conservative multidisciplinary approach. This is an excellent text for those doctors entering into the managed care concept. This book is organized into five distinct sections, and each section has multiple chapters. There is also four very detailed appendices and plenty of interdisciplinary references from all over the world.

The text itself is one of the finest and most complete works on the shoulder and should replace all previously existing books on this subject. The text is far too comprehensive to break down in review of this nature, so suffice it to say that in my practice, which is predominantly athletic injuries, this is the text of choice and authority.

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Souza and his contributing authors for a job well done!

Innes Rating: 10 out of 10

Title: Examination of the Cranial and Peripheral Nerves Author: Orrin Devinsky, MD, and Edward Feldmann, MD Subject: student and practitioner education Publication: soft cover, 117 Pages Publisher: Churchill Livingstone 650 Avenue of The Americas New York, NY 10011 Price: $26.95

This plum of a reference text is a succinct yet comprehensive guide to the anatomy, examination and clinical presentations of cranial and peripheral nerve lesions. Although this material is available from a multitude of other sources, this book packs an amazing quantity of clinical information into a small format.

In the preface, Drs. Feldmann and Devinsky cite the void in their medical training of a clinically relevant, easily accessed reference for immediate diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders. Their experience has served them well in authorship of this text. Their practical knowledge has also given rise to the greatest asset of this compendium: a multitude of charts, graphs, diagrams and linear representations of complex material. The visual, diagramatically-oriented student will prosper considerably from their insight.

The chapter on anatomy runs the gamut from pure anatomic representation (again through charts and diagrams) through dermatomes, sclerotomes, referred pain charts, autonomous zones, autonomic innervation, and reflex routes. Major innervations are bold faced for easy reference.

The ensuing section on examination includes tips on history evaluation and techniques of motor, sensory, reflex and autonomic evaluation. Surprisingly, there is no evaluation for cranial nerves incorporated. The bulk of the chapter is dedicated to muscle testing of the extremities, and is not as nerve, root or muscle specific as Kendall's evaluation of the same material. This is the sole imperfection discovered in this book.

The final chapter provides an overview of selected clinical problems, among them: systemic diseases accompanied by neuropathy, myofascial pain syndromes, nerve entrapment syndromes and hysteria. While perfunctory, this section does manage to touch on a wide array of disorders and is a helpful clinical device.

In summary, this text is a very helpful source for easy reference on peripheral nerve injuries. It pays minimal and incomplete service to cranial nerve injuries and motor evaluation, but is otherwise excellent. I would highly recommend it as a portable sourcebook for peripheral nerve evaluation.

Silvestrone Rating: 8 out of 10

Dynamic Chiropractic
June 5, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 12

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