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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - September 23, 1994

September 23, 1994 Issue
Volume 12, Issue 20
Spinal Rounds
Arthur C. Croft Collisio
Abne M. Eisenberg, DC, PhD, Professor of Communication, Pace University.
Editorial Staff
A Child's Guide to Medical Ethics
Editorial Staff
A Review of the Federal Guidelines for OME
Claudia Anrig Howe Howe
Clinical Nutrition
G. Douglas Andersen
Orthopractic Declares WAR on Chiropractic Pediatrics
Editorial Staff
REPORT OF MY FINDINGS -- "DC" Editor/Publisher Donald M. Petersen Jr. DCM -- A Final Look
Editorial Staff
PHYSIATRY -- R. Vincent Davis, DC, BSPT, DNBPM Management of Instability of the Biceps Tendon in the Bicipital Groove
Editorial Staff
Otitis Media Guidelines Leave Door Open for Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
If It's WAR They Want...
Nociception and Subluxation
Editorial Staff
I.Q. -- Interesting Quotes
Editorial Staff
Contemporary Asian Healing
John A. Amaro
A View From The Field
John A. Hofmann The
The New, New York No-Fault Insurance Law
James K. Hogan
More on the Case for Full Spine Radiography
Jesse Jutkowitz
First Federal Research Grant for a Chiropractic College
Editorial Staff
How Do We Know "It Works?"
Mark Genero
The Chiropractic Sports Physician
Editorial Staff
Peter Fysh, DC
Editorial Staff
Physiatry -- The Practice of Physical Therapy by a Physician
R. Vincent Davis
Book Reviews
Editorial Staff
Attorney C. Jacob Ladenheim
C. Jacob Ladenheim
We Get Letters
John A. Amaro
Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO
Editorial Staff

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