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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - January 1, 1994

January 1, 1994 Issue
Volume 12, Issue 1
Arnold Cianciulli
FCER Forum
Anthony Rosner
Editorial Staff
Food for Thought
G. Douglas Andersen
Chiropractic Pediatrics Gets Hit Again
Editorial Staff
Associates and Positions
Editorial Staff
California Forum
Editorial Staff
Nutri-West Becomes CCF Corporate Sponsor
Editorial Staff
1994 European Chiropractors' Union Convention Goes to Brussels
Editorial Staff
National Associations Mobilize
Editorial Staff
Oregon DCs Exonerated on Billing Fraud Charges
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Centennial Foundation to Participate in 1995 Tournament of Roses Parade
Editorial Staff
Insurance Survey Shows Chiropractic's Cost Effectiveness
Editorial Staff
Hospitals Waste Nearly $1 Billion on Low-Back Pain Treatment
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractic Dentist
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractor of Tomorrow
Chiropractic Flourishes in Saudi Arabia
Editorial Staff
I.Q. -- Interesting Quotes
Editorial Staff
Arnold E. Cianciulli, BS, DC, MS
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractic Cult
Michael Vesely
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Video Review
Editorial Staff
Financial Forum
Editorial Staff
E & M Coding: Point of Controversy
Stephen W. Vaitl
We Get Letters
Fred H. Barge Offers
Soft Tissue
Editorial Staff

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