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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 9, 1993

April 9, 1993 Issue
Volume 11, Issue 8
Sports Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Disadvantage and Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction in Athletes, Part II
Andrew S. Bonci
Smoking Gun or Smoke and Mirrors: Science Vs. Nonscience
Arthur C. Croft
Hats Off (and On) to Chiropractic!
Angelica Redleaf
New Sponsorships Take CCF over the Million Dollar Mark
Editorial Staff
Calif. Sports Council Formed
Mitchell S. Anderson Formed
David J. BenEliyahu
A Call to Action
Editorial Staff
State Governors Take Position on Health Care Reform
Editorial Staff
Wilk Plaintiffs Speak Out
Editorial Staff
New Jersey Health Board Lists DCs as Primary Care Providers
Editorial Staff
Alternative Health Care Provider Coalition Formed
Editorial Staff
Presidents' Forum
Frank Zolli
A Moment of Silence for DCs Lonnie Martin and Todd Raemisch
Editorial Staff
Identity Crisis
Editorial Staff
Wall Street Journal Rips Chiropractic
Stephen Kelly, Wall Street Journal
Moment of Silence
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractor as General Practitioner and Primary Gatekeeper: Do We Have What It Takes?
Donald R. Murphy
Health Care by Computer
Editorial Staff
Welcome to the Major Leagues
Is Sex Necessary to Sell Chiropractic?
Elaine Carter
Viewpoints from Involvement
Fred H. Barge
Research Dollars to Fund Three Studies
Editorial Staff
FCLB to Meet in Denver for Annual Congress
Editorial Staff
IQ -- Too Much Valium?
Editorial Staff
Asian Healing Techniques
John A. Amaro
Therapeutic Update on Vitamin E
James M. Gerber
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Kids Need Chiropractic Too
Peter N. Fysh
Title: Back Into Research
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters
Michael J. Matury
Soft Tissue
Editorial Staff

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