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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - March 12, 1993

March 12, 1993 Issue
Volume 11, Issue 6
Sports Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Disadvantage and Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction in Athletes, Part I
Andrew S. Bonci
Cervical Spinal Rounds
Arthur C. Croft
Novel Legislative Proposals and Some Controversy in Arizona
Alan M. Immerman
Editorial Staff
An In-depth Look at Managed Competition, Part II
Editorial Staff
Standard Process Labs, Inc., Pledges $300,000
Editorial Staff
An Open Message to Patients, Legislators, and the Media
Chester Wilk
A First for Chiropractic -- Research Director at a University Hospital
Editorial Staff
Annals of Internal Medicine Features Paper on Spinal Manipulation
Editorial Staff
Calif. Issues "Cease and Desist" against PIC, CARE and Rose
Editorial Staff
A Child's First Spinal Exam
Peter Fysh
DCs Gain Legislative Recognition in Hong Kong
Editorial Staff
Report from the 1996 Atlanta Sports Chiropractic Advisory Committee
Editorial Staff
National Survey Shows Alternative Health Care on the Rise
Editorial Staff
Northeast Forum
Editorial Staff
Medical Journal Calls for Re-Evaluating Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
World Chiropractic Congress: London 1993
Graham S. Heale
The Chiropractic Dentist
Editorial Staff
What's the Agenda?
Editorial Staff
ICA Retains New Legislative Team
Editorial Staff
I.Q. (Interesting Quote)
Editorial Staff
What If ...
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Ethics
Linda S. Elyad
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Oh No! The "C" Word
Paul Tuthill
California Chiro. Assoc. Endorses Mercy Guidelines
Editorial Staff
Title: Motion Palpation and Chiropractic Technic
Editorial Staff
The Serial Application of Spinal MUA
Timothy L. Mills
We Get Letters
James T. Platto Jr.
Soft Tissue
Editorial Staff

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