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Dynamic Chiropractic
January 15, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 02

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Title: "A Complete Guide to Reflexology"

Category: Doctor Education; Video
Author:    Melva Martin, N.D., M.Ed.
Publisher: Sanford Goldrich, Inc., Rochester, New York
Reflexology is a lot more than just foot points that correspond to organs. There is a foot treatment protocol which is well-demonstrated in this video. The mapping is demonstrated in a general way to give a basic understanding. A treatment is demonstrated and is suitable for following along.

The importance of this video depends on how you choose to practice. Many doctors will find this invaluable, while others will find it informative, yet impractical. You can learn the specifics of reflexology from textbooks, but this video shows you how to perform the techniques.

Melva Martin is a naturopathic doctor who practices in New Zealand. She is the principal at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand. She is very good at giving a running narrative as she works on a patient's feet.

This video is quite well produced: professionally taped and edited; there are no distracting production qualities. It is a practical demonstration for those without a lot of experience in the subject.

The cost is only $30; if you have been wanting to learn a little about practical reflexology, this is a good value. I found it satisfied my own curiosity. Without getting technical, Melva shows the "how to" of performing reflexology treatment. I can recommend this video because it provides this quite nicely.

Eggleston Rating: 6

Title: Subluxation: The Incommensurable Paradigm of Chiropractic Category: Doctor Education; Pamphlet, 25-pages Author: Daniel H. Duffy, D.C. Publisher: AK Printing Geneva, Ohio

The subluxation is the basis of chiropractic and Dr Duffy attempts to define it, explain it, and justify it. Unfortunately, while it purports a scholarly tone, it seriously lacks credibility. It is replete with double talk and circular reasoning that caves in upon itself under close observation.

Perhaps we should let the book speak for itself. On page 25 we read: "Subluxation (dysponesis) accompanies all dysfunction and precedes all disease. This is a matter of well-substantiated fact amenable to demonstrable, effective, reproducible technique." On page 23 he states: "Chiropractic research should orient itself to address those things within its power to address and leave the double blind studies and medical research models to those areas amenable to them." It does seem illogical to claim "well-substantiated fact ..." while rejecting a true double-blind study that would really prove this author's claims.

The author has 31 footnoted references, seven of which reference himself: one is from a paper published in 1946, "Common Fallacies about Capitalism." What we actually have here is a plethora of meaningless references designed to make this pamphlet appear scholarly.

The subluxation is an important subject, and we need chiropractors to write on the subject. The premise is good, the subject worthy, but the total lack of scholarly tone is obvious; therefore, I must reject this as not up to the standards of our profession.

Eggleston Rating: 1

Stephen Eggleston, D.C.
Huntington Beach, California

Dynamic Chiropractic
January 15, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 02

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