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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 10, 1992

April 10, 1992 Issue
Volume 10, Issue 8
Cost of Care Project: Chiropractic vs. Medical Costs
Editorial Staff
Manipulation under Anesthesia: Neurological Effects of Different Modes of Anesthesia
Brad McKechnie
"NBC News" Looks at MUA
Editorial Staff
Consumer Reports On Health Assesses Chiropractic
Barbara Migliaccio
"Good Morning America" Reports on Chiropractic
Barbara Migliaccio
Congressional Hearing on Commissioning DCs Set
Editorial Staff
The Kimbles Donate $100,000 to Fund Clinical Study
Editorial Staff
ABC's News Program Questions Cost and Safety Based on Absence of Research
Editorial Staff
PMA Loses Attempt to Move Venue to Florida
Editorial Staff
Is the Purchase of Chiropractic Practices by CliniCorp/PMA Illegal?
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Strives to Reach Primary Status
Editorial Staff
Visual Recovery Following Chiropractic Care -- Part II
Editorial Staff
Dr. Mager's Account of the "20/20" Filming
Deborah Ann Mager
Making It Happen
Prevention of HIV and Hepatitis B Transmission in the Chiropractic Setting
Elizabeth Olsen
1992 ICSM Is Chicago Bound
Editorial Staff
Why Should I Learn "Meridian Therapy"?
John A. Amaro Learn
What If ...?
Keith Innes
Health Styles -- Are We Any Better Now?
Lendon Smith, THE FACTS
Serving the Neediest
Mike Greenberg
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Highlights of the Fall Symposium on Back Pain
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Standards of Practice and Quality of Care
Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
Recognition and Treatment of Head Injuries in Athletics
Michael Reed
A Chiropractic First: International Jerusalem Sports Medicine Symposium Presentations
Steve Kelly
Congressional Hearing Set For Commissioning DCs in Military
Steve Kelly
Only You
Willard Bertrand
We Get Letters
Robert C. Tilka

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