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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - November 22, 1991

November 22, 1991 Issue
Volume 9, Issue 24
Professor of Communications
Abne M. Eisenberg
Phase "A" Chiropractic -- When in Rome ...
Charles M. Rollis
Japanese Government Study Condemns Chiropractic
International Chiropractors Association, Steve Kelly
New Age Medicine?
Editorial Staff
North American Spine Society Gives Chiropractic Adjustments Top Rating
Editorial Staff
Just for the Asking
Editorial Staff
WCA President Admits to Violating Arizona Campaign Contribution Laws
Editorial Staff
John L. Miller STANDARD
Test Your Diagnostic Skills -- Part II: The Diagnosis
Editorial Staff
Scalene Trigger Points: The Great Imitators
Donald R. Murphy
The Real Power
The Eclectic Frontal Headache Clinic
Editorial Staff
What's in a Name
James W. Healey
Do You Have to Get Sick to Get Motivated?
Lendon H. Smith, THE FACTS
Editorial Staff
Arizona DC "Sells" Chiropractic Manipulation to MDs
Editorial Staff
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Research Findings and Their Influence Upon Chiropractic Procedures
Otto C. Reinert
Management of Herpes Zoster Infection
R. Vincent Davis
Temple Time
Editorial Staff
1992 ECU Convention Hosted by Spanish Chiropractic Association
Corte Ingles Travel Agency, Barbara Migliaccio
The Fairer Side of Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
DC to Direct Medical Services for Soviet Olympic Team
Editorial Staff
Study Shows Niacin-Bound Chromium Reduces Cholesterol
Stephen R. Summey Chromium
Pelvic Unleveling and X-ray System Unlevelness
Steven Young
We Get Letters
William Hobbins

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