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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - May 10, 1991

May 10, 1991 Issue
Volume 9, Issue 10
An Open Letter to the Profession: "A Serious Threat to the Future and Integrity of Chiropractic"
Chester C. Wilk
The 90/90 Test As a Reliability Indicator of 90/90 Treatment Success
Andreis M. Kleynhans
Australian Chiropractic Unit Promotes Awareness
Editorial Staff
Associates and Positions
Editorial Staff
Chiropractic Unity in Arizona
Steve Kelly
New Mexico's Leading HMO to Open Chiropractic Facility
Steve Kelly
NCMIC Policyholders Elect Directors
Editorial Staff
NYCC Appoints Health Center Director
Editorial Staff
New Zealand Chiropractic Conference
Editorial Staff
Operation Desert Correction
Editorial Staff
Virginia Association Changes Name
Editorial Staff
New International Fitness Federation Involves Chiropractic
Editorial Staff
Myofascial Pain and Pseudocardiac Disease
Editorial Staff
If You Don't Know What Is on an X-ray, Get a Second Opinion
Dennis Semlow
A Chiro in the White House
Garrett F. Cuneo
ICA Policy Statement: Peer Review
Editorial Staff
The Modalities of Acupuncture
John A. Amaro
"What Do I Do Now?"
John A. Amaro
"Two Agencies Are Necessary"
James W. Healey
Next Time Use a Corn Dog
Joel E. Margolies So
May is Correct Posture Month in Florida
Lawton Chiles
Hennie Penny -- The Sky is Falling
James W. Walker
Building, Cutting, and Generating
Kenneth A. Satin
Who's in Charge Here?
Lendon H. Smith
Sec. of Education Asks SCASA to "Show Cause"
Mark W. Goodin Committe
News In Brief
Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
"Filling in the Blanks"
Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
Canadian and U.S. Chiro. Students Spike and Dig
Editorial Staff
Report from Budapest
Editorial Staff
Florida Internship Program: How Effective Is It? Does It Work?
Todd M. Narson
Chiropractic Will Survive Without Philosophy
Vincent P. Lucido Without
We Get Letters
Daniel R. Driscoll

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