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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - April 12, 1991

April 12, 1991 Issue
Volume 9, Issue 8
ERISA Pre-emption: The Flight to Self Insured Plans ACA's Special Report on Managed Care
Richard Miller
The Problem with Progress Notes
Brad McKechnie
Northwestern College of Chiropractic -- 50 Years of Excellence
Editorial Staff
Boston TV News -- Two Views of Chiropractic
Barbara Migliaccio
My Homage to the Late Dr. Henry Gillet Spinal Fixations -- General Clinical Considerations.
Ronald Fohlmann
"DC" Greets New Columnist and MPI Faculty Member
Editorial Staff
National Health Care Bill Introduced
Steve Kelly
OCPA Proposes Workers' Comp. Legislation
Chuck Bennett
Michigan Seeks Scope of Practice Changes
Editorial Staff
D.C. Chairs Medical Disciplinary Committee
Editorial Staff
The Chiropractic Profession Examines Telemarketing
Editorial Staff
Trajcht Noka
Editorial Staff
Palmer Clinic -- Roadside Service of Another Kind
Editorial Staff
The Sternocleidomastoid Syndrome
Donald R. Murphy
Pure Coincidence or an Attempt at a Clean Getaway?
Editorial Staff
Legitimate Use of Telemarketing in Chiropractic
David M. Reeves
Don't Forget Quality X-rays, Records, and a Consent for Minors
Dennis Semlow

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