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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - September 12, 1990

September 12, 1990 Issue
Volume 8, Issue 19
Phone Calls
Editorial Staff
Diet Versus Lifestyle
G. Douglas Andersen
Associates and Positions
Editorial Staff
Dynamic Chiropractic's California Forum
Editorial Staff
Stand Up and Be Counted!
International Chiropractors Association
County Chiropractic Society Officers Installed
Editorial Staff
Los Angeles County Chiropractic Society Plans HOPE Day '91
Editorial Staff
Life West Inaugurates Diplomate in Applied Chiropractic Sciences Program
Editorial Staff
State Representatives Attend San Diego County Chiropractic Society's Annual Chiropractic Friendship Party
Editorial Staff
World Federation of Chiropractic Meets in Geneva
Editorial Staff
Protecting Practitioners
Editorial Staff
No X-rays -- No Defense
Dennis C. Semlow
Large Intestine (Figure 2)
Editorial Staff
"Chiropractic Country Clubs"
James W. Healey
Usual and Customary -- It's More Than a Phrase, It's An Attitude -- A Fictional Story
Joseph H. Lones
Volunteer Chiropractors Needed to Assist World Corporate Games
Editorial Staff
Key Researcher Dr. John J. Triano to Speak at MPI Advanced Seminar in Oahu
Editorial Staff
Heel and Arch Pain
Keith M. Jeffers
The Nature of Science Series #52 -- Physics XX: Knee-deep in Formulae
Leonard D. Godwin
Attorneys Zero in on Chiropractors
Leon Grumling
The Potential Effects of Mechanical Faults of the Spine on Cerebrospinal and Interstitial Fluid Flow in the Brain
Michael Flanagan
Back From the Real Thing
Editorial Staff
News In Brief
Editorial Staff
International Expert Blasts "Mystique" of Chinese Herbs, Insists Solid Research Data Supports Their Medical Value
Chuck Queenan
Fibromyalgia -- a Knotty Problem
Robert W. Dishman
"Medical Brainwashing"
Editorial Staff
"How Defense Attorneys Mislead Juries About Chiropractic"
Editorial Staff
Homeopathy: Allergies
Editorial Staff
Transcending Testimonials and Impossible Chickens
Editorial Staff
A Voice in the Silence
Editorial Staff
Which Is Better?
Editorial Staff
What's Ahead for AAA
Editorial Staff
We Get Letters
Allen Roberds
Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment
Editorial Staff

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