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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - May 23, 1990

May 23, 1990 Issue
Volume 8, Issue 11
"The People" Win a Major 9th Amendment Victory in Arizona
National Health Federation
Associates and Positions
Editorial Staff
President's Opinion Poll
Carl S. Cleveland III
Students Utilizing Chiropractic Consultants --
Editorial Staff
Comments Regarding Practice Management Consultants
John L. Miller Manageme
Manipulation Under Conscious Sedation
Debra LaVergne D.C. Sedation
Roentgen Rounds: Facet Syndrome -- A Radiographic Enigma
Deborah Pate
If You Had Been There With D.D. Palmer...
Editorial Staff
Dr. E. Maylon Drake
Editorial Staff
Hospital Rotations at Texas Medical Center -- A Day in the Life of a Chiropractic Intern
Franz Klein
Dr. Irwin B. Suchoff
Editorial Staff
"Now Hear This" -- Part II
John A. Amaro
Visual Recovery Following Chiropractic Intervention
Greg Gilman
"Consensus: Peace !"
James W. Healey
The NICR Speaks to Congress
Editorial Staff
The Nature of Science Series #48 -- Physics XVI: Motion Theory
Leonard D. Godwin
Kentuckiana Launches Fund-Raising Campaign to Build New Facility
Editorial Staff
Sloppy Copy Is a Poor Reflection on Chiropractors
Leon E. Grumling
Interpreting Muscle Activity of the Spine
Nicholas R. Spano
Chiropractic Mechanics Love Podiatric Mechanics
Robert Weston Dishman Podiatri
Annals of the Swiss Chiropractors' Association -- Volume VI
Editorial Staff
"The Chiropractic Wall"
Editorial Staff
The Crutches of Those Who Were Not Cured
Editorial Staff
Cumulative Trauma
Theodore Oslay
The Country Chiropractor
Willard Bertrand
Friction Massage For Spinal Problems
Warren I. Hammer Spinal
Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump, D.C. Discusses Defeat of Dietitian's Monopoly Bill
Editorial Staff

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