To Your Health
July, 2007 (Vol. 01, Issue 07)
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Q What is your philosophy of health? What guides your decisions on keeping your body healthy?

A It's all about gratefulness and being aware that the body is a temple. With this body, you are able to share feelings with others. It's a vehicle to bring joy and happiness to others. I take very good care of my body, both physically and mentally; there is no separation of the two. I practice meditation to become aware of what my body needs and when it needs it. If my body isn't ready, I won't push it. It's important to find a way for my body to be its best each day. When my mind and body are balanced, it's heaven. When they're unbalanced, I need to find out why.

I feel so grateful to be able to do my job and give to the audience. We have 4,200 people watching the show every night. I'm honored to share my ability with that many people every day. I always tell myself before I go on stage, "You cannot say my back hurts, I don't feel good, or I'm going to take it easy tonight." That's not my philosophy. My philosophy is first, being grateful and second, giving my best every night because I want people to be happy, smile and dream. That's why we're here. When I'm aware of what I want and how I want to be in my show, it brings me lots of joy and gratefulness.

Titof and another dancer performing in A New Day. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Q The show is coming to an end. What does that mean to you?

A It means we will have to move on. I don't know yet what the next step will be. I've been here almost five years and I'm thankful to be part of this unique, unprecedented adventure. We have 48 dancers from all over the world. This experience has been unique for everyone; there's no show like this in the world. I'm happy to be part of the creative process, the great choreography and the great visual effects.

I hope to work again with Franco Dragone because he's a genius with a big heart, lots of talent and a special sensitivity to artists. I know the end is coming, so I enjoy each day even more. Each day is a thrill and a way to explore even more about what it is to be an artist, what it is to communicate with the audience, what it is to connect with a star like Celine Dion on stage, and what it is to live this life with discipline and to enjoy being on stage even more.

Q Is there anything else you'd like to share with consumers who are increasingly concerned about health and the way they live their lives?

A I want them to know that inside themselves are beauty, joy and happiness. You may not be aware of it. Believe in yourself and don't be a victim of your life. Go inside your heart, find the still place and ask yourself, "Am I really doing what I want to do? Am I really happy with my life?" And never forget that you have a choice. You are not a victim. You have the choice and the power inside to change your life if you aren't happy. You just need courage, faith and an inner strength that is deeply rooted in yourself.

To the people reading this interview, know that it is never too late. My life has been incredible. Whatever has happened to you, there is a lesson behind it. It's about finding and understanding the teaching hidden behind the situations and events that happen in your life. The answers will uplift your soul and your mind, and will help you understand who you are on a deeper level.

You must put your priorities in order. What are your priorities in your life? Do you want to be joyful? Do you want to love yourself? Do you want to have children? Or do you always want to complain about what happens to you and what you don't have? Look at what you have, instead of what you don't have, and you'll find yourself lucky. Often, we have a lot. Believe in yourself, don't judge too much and be truthful to yourself.