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Human Touch® to Announce Value-Added Marketing and Sales Program for Chiropractors' Offices at FCA National, Orlando, Fla. (8/25-28)

Long Beach, CA – July 19, 2011 – Human Touch®, the U.S. leader of massage chairs, Perfect Chairs®, and other wellness solutions, will soon announce the launch of its Healthcare Professional Program, a unique sales and marketing program designed for chiropractic offices to enhance their patients' overall wellness, while providing an additional, value-added revenue stream for their practice.

Through this program, patients have access to Human Touch® massage chairs and Perfect Chairs® in their chiropractors' office and are then offered an opportunity to purchase the chairs for use in their own home directly from their chiropractor's office.

In forming the Healthcare Professional Program, we have turned to three respected chiropractors to ensure its utmost success, Drs. John K. Maltby, Shawn Henry Dill and Jon Stucky, who are also members of the Human Touch® Wellness Council. The Human Touch® Wellness Council comprises an esteemed panel of experts from various disciplines--including doctors, chiropractors, professional athletes, massage therapists and fitness experts—dedicated to educating people about how to achieve a healthier and happier life through regular massage, relaxation, sound posture, and other wellness practices.

According to Dr. Maltby, DC, "Human Touch massage chairs and Perfect Chairs are the perfect complement to chiropractic. They relax the mind and body so patients can realize maximum advantage during treatments and, after, they maintain optimal body alignment and muscle flexibility to help keep them healthy and happy."

Program Key Benefits

  • ENHANCES PATIENTS' WELLNESS EXPERIENCE IN THE OFFICE AND THEIR HOME BETWEEN SCHEDULED TREATMENTS: Adding Human Touch® massage chairs and Perfect Chairs® to chiropractic practices provide a therapeutic and comfortable seating option in their waiting areas and treatment rooms. Chiropractic practices can then offer the Human Touch® massage chairs and Perfect Chairs directly to patients for daily use in their own homes to enhance their overall wellness and treatment plan.
  • IMPROVES CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICES' BOTTOM-LINE: We have found that patients who are introduced to the Human Touch® chairs at their chiropractor's office soon realize the healing and wellness benefits that they are compelled to purchase a chair for their own personal use in the home at an attractive price. This special pricing is offered exclusively to Healthcare Professional Program members. Additionally, Human Touch® provides chiropractic practices with all of the necessary POP materials, and advertising and marketing support, to make the program successful.

NOTE: interviews with chiropractors and patients who benefit from this program are available upon request. During FCA International, we would also like to invite members of MPA Media to the Human Touch® booth #509 for more information about the program and to enjoy a massage and relaxation experience in its state-of-the-art massage chairs and Perfect Chairs® on display.

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