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CD and Web Products for Practice Consulting – No Need to Travel

CD and Web Products - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The Perfect Practice Platform is a complete package consulting program using the Web, manual and CDs allowing a Chiropractor to learn essential practice management content without having to travel to a seminar, etc.

Included in The Perfect Practice Platform:

  • The Complete Perfect Practice Web Manual and CDs.
  • Unlimited teleconference and email support! This includes all Platform Core Modules which are given on a regular basis, Our Monthly “Breakthrough Sessions” and any Special Guest Teleconferencing.
  • A personalized Telephone Implementation consulting program to get and keep you on track.
  • A personalized written report of recommendations, with which steps to take first, and why.
  • Complete access to future Platform Updates and all present and future Platform Breakout Sessions.
  • Unlimited use of "Ask Dr. Hayes" email direct access a consultant section.
  • Special Access to all our Partners and Guests.
  • Subscription to "Perfect Practice Tips" practice building email series.

Take each Module on your own time! Each is available as an MP3 (audio) and PDF (professional transcripts) for you to study. The Complete Manual with CDs and transcripts are provided to you as a Perfect Practice Client.

Module 1 The end in mind - Your Perfect Practice. What do you really want from your practice? Module 2 Information and Data Management and Retrieval Systems that won't stress you out and gets you home on time. Module 3 Staffing the Perfect Practice - using and hiring an incredible pool of untapped potential employees to save a fortune, and minimize your stress. Module 4 Attracting and helping the Perfect Patients. Effectively communicating the platform for crisis care, recovery and life long health. Module 5 Achieving the Perfect Balance - equitable payments in an inequitable system. Module 6 Putting it all together.

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