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BioPharma's NanoSorb® Liposome Study Present at Scripps Integratvie Medicine Conference

BioPharma Scientific, makers of NanoProPRP, presented the abstract, "Investigation of Glutathione and Liposomal Glutathione Influence on the Level of GHS in Blood, Liver and Brain" as a Poster Presentation at the Scripps Integrative Medicine Conference on Natural Supplements: An Evidence Based Update in San Diego in January 2009.This study demonstrated that BioPharma's patented liposome "NanoSorb®", made of lecithin based lipids and lipid esters, enhanced the absorption of oral reduced glutathione (GSH), as compared to GSH without liposomal encapsulation, by over 300%in plasma in aged rats. Liposomal GSH alsomaintained a highly significant relative increase over 14 hours.Generally, glutathione is not considered to be absorbed orally by humans, as it is a small tri-peptide, easily destroyed in the harsh environs of the digestive system. As glutathione is the body's major antioxidant and detoxifier, the ability to deliver it orally in BioPharma's whey and colostrum based powdered drink mix, NanoProPRP, is considered a significant breakthrough by the company. BioPharma was co-founded in 2004 by two chiropractors, Doctors Bruce L. Howe and John H. Maher.To learn more see http://biopharmasci.com/downloads/GlutathionePoster.pdf.

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