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NCMIC's Releases Monograph on Chiropractic's Hottest Issue - CVAs

CVAs - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark The question of whether chiropractic manipulation causes strokes is undeniably one of the most pressing issues for Doctors of Chiropractic today. Allegations abound, typically by people expressing an opinion without data to back it up. And these allegations can create such an emotional reaction that people may be dissuaded from seeking beneficial chiropractic care.

Now you can arm yourself with the latest facts to overcome these unfounded myths. NCMIC's new monograph, Current Concepts: Spinal Manipulation and Cervical Arterial Incidents 2005, notes that a causative relationship between chiropractic manipulation and stroke is unlikely. However, because people often go to chiropractors for relief of stroke-related symptoms, particularly neck pain and headache, there is an association between the two.

In the 128-page monograph, you'll get:

  • In-depth analysis of clinical cases related to CVAs
  • Informative charts, graphs and illustrations to clearly explain major concepts
  • 675 references
  • "Clinical pearls" - practical findings
  • Clear empirical research addressing common questions about chiropractic treatment

The monograph is the result of NCMIC's proactive leadership in the issues critical to chiropractic. The comprehensive document is available at no cost to NCMIC policyholders on ncmic.com/cva. The accompanying Executive Summary is available without charge to all D.C.s on the same site. Doctors may also order printed copies of the entire monograph ($29.95/policyholders; $59.95/all other D.C.s) by contacting the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research at 1-800-622-6309.

If you're not already being protected by NCMIC's outstanding malpractice coverage, we invite you to join the more than 36,000 D.C.s and all 18 chiropractic colleges already benefiting from our "We Take Care Of Our Own®" philosophy. For a no-obligation quote, call 1-800-769-2000, ext. 3625.

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