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Biofreeze Honors Dr. Terry Weyman With The 2004 Performance Health Humanitarian Award

Dr. Terry Weyman - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark On December 3, 2004, at the ProSport Chiropractic 2004 Annual Convention in Las Vegas Nevada, Biofreeze/Performance Health Inc. honored Dr. Terry Weyman with their 2004 Humanitarian Award. Dr. Weyman was chosen because of his achievements and service relating to his efforts in Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness.

Dr. Terry Weyman is one of the county's leading experts in treating and maintaining the health and abilities of athletes. Dr. Weyman is the founder of the Chiropractic Sports Institute and the Prostate Cancer Climb.

Dr. Weyman became involved in Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness in 1988 when his father was diagnosed with terminal Prostate Cancer. After watching his father fight the disease, and suffer the treatments he passed away in 1990. Nine years later, he saw a program where women were joining forces to climb a mountain for breast cancer. It was then that he had the idea to try the task of mountaineering for Prostate Cancer.

I get asked, "Why are you climbing such a high mountain, why are you doing this?" The answer is simple, "I don't want to die of the disease that claimed the life of my father, Prostate Cancer". I see women joining together to fight their diseases yet, I do not see men doing the same for their disease, that is sad.

Chuck Conto, National Sales Manager for Performance Health, presented the award to Dr. Terry Weyman along with a $500 check for the Hap Weyman Memorial Fund Prostate Cancer Research Institute. "Performance Health is proud to acknowledge the efforts of leading healthcare professionals unselfishly giving to others. Dr Weyman's commitment to his cause and his dedication towards others made him a natural choice to receive this award." Said Chuck Conto of Performance Health.

For more information on the Prostate Cancer Climb please go to www.prostatecancerclimb.org. For more information on the Performance Health Humanitarian Award please contact Craig Ure at cure@phi.us.

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