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Industry News for Lashaw Distributors Ltd

9631 Bakerview Drive
RICHMOND, British Columbia V7A2A2



This excellent unit has many features which are not available on other units in the market place. These features are making it a popular choice for the professional who is looking for a free standing bent-knee traction unit.

The unit is designed specifically for the patient with chronic or acute low back pain. The thigh pad is attached to a cross bar which has a very low center of gravity, allowing the user complete control for the speed of inversion and dismounting, a very important feature for the user in acute pain. Another feature is our femur adjustment dial. This dial gives the "perfect fit" behind the back of the knee and lets the user hang completely "free" with only the thigh on the thigh pad. The dial has five settings which accommodates most leg lengths from a child to an adult. The Invertrac™ thigh pad is designed for maximum comfort for male users, important when suggesting extension or flexion exercises.

The "M" beam on the front serves two purposes. It allows for hand assisted extension exercises and also helps in the dismount process. The rubber sleeves on the front legs add security when inverting and dismounting.

The fact that the Invertrac™ weighs only 32 pounds, folds completely flat for storage and transportation, and comes 99% assembled are added bonuses in an already well designed unit.

With all these user friendly features, the Invertrac™ is the best free standing traction unit on the market today. At the present time the single unit price includes all shipping and handling costs with further discounts offered for multiple unit orders.

For further information you can contact Lashaw Distributors on their toll free number 1-800-667-7795, or email address sales@invertrac.com or visit their information filled website - www.invertrac.com.


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