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Spinal Inversion is of Great Benefit in the Long Term Management of Chronic-Recurrent Chiropractic Cases, as a Maintenance Procedure

Spinal inversion is of great benefit in the long term management of chronic-recurrent chiropractic cases, as a maintenance procedure.

Body weight traction is of importance in the initial therapeutic management of a variety of lumbosacral disorders, i.e. disc protusion, lumbosacral strain, early scoliosis and sacroiliac irritation.

Inverted spinal traction plays a promising role in the prevention of spinal stress, as it relates to the practice of chiropractic.

Any ancillary technique that would effectively produce joint distraction and promote muscle relaxation of the lumbosacral area would allow a more permanently based correction to be accomplished through manipulative intervention.

As an extension of chiropractic management, spinal inversion seems to resonate on all three levels of chiropractic spinal involvement - prevention and conditioning, maintenance and theraputics.

The InvertracTM offers a safe, affordable and comfortable way to invert in the privacy of a patient's own home, but it's sturdy construction makes it an ideal unit for the professional with limited office space.

Many professionals have reported that the InvertracTM has been beneficial in the management of chronic low back conditions with patients being noticeably easier to treat after inversion.

Other comments from professionals have been -

  • "success in our clinic comes from the staff's use and high recommendations to our patients".
  • "I have had nothing but good reports from my patients about the ease of use and the relief they feel".
  • "Thanks for producing a high quality unit that is easy to use and reasonably priced."
  • "I believe the InvertracTM is an invaluable aid to patient recovery and supportive care especially in the presence of degenerative changes. It takes up very little space and is ideal for an in office and home care."

If you recommend inversion therapy to your patients then I suggest that you contact Lashaw Distributors for more information on their product the InvertracTM or visit their website at www.invertrac.com. Toll free 1-800-667-7795.


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