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National City, California 91950


KOOL 'N FIT® Sport Conditioning Fluid

Sport Conditioning Fluid - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark KOOL 'N FIT® Sport Conditioning Fluid is a Powerful, All-Natural External Muscle Pray for Better Performance and Health in Sports.

Leading-edge sports performers, pro athletes, teams, trainers and coaches worldwide have found the unique benefits of KOOL 'N FIT® Sports conditioning fluid. This all-natural, external muscle spray allows for better performance, quicker warm up, quicker recovery time and many other unique benefits.

This unique conditions spray is used before exercise to prepare the body, during sports to invigorate, and afterwards to recover faster. It is easy to use, non-staining, and greaseless.

Some of the differences between KOOL 'N FIT® Muscle Conditioning Spray - and its cousin the KOOL 'N FIT® Pain Relieving Fluid - is that this product contains NO anti-inflammatory properties and is stronger as an anti-spasmodic (cramp-relieving) and vaso-dilator (opening of blood vessels to increase circulation) product.

KOOL 'N FIT® Muscle Conditioning Spray has four basic effects on the athlete's body:

  • PENETRATES deeper than other analgesics to relax and soothe muscles better.
  • INCREASES CIRCULATION (vaso-dialates blood vessels) for better warm-up before sports, higher oxygen/energy supply during sports, and better cool down after sports. Promotes healing process in case of injury.
  • RELAXES tight muscles for better stretching, more efficient work, and lower injury risk. Great stress relief.
  • LESS FATIGUE, fewer injuries, and no more "hitting the wall" during endurance sports. Relieves night cramps and restless leg symptoms. To test KOOL 'N FIT® Muscle Conditioning Spray:

Just spray on one arm or leg before workout. You will feel the difference!

Active Ingredients: Menthol, Camphor. Inactive Ingredients: SD-40 Alcohol, Deionized Water, Eucalyptus Oil, Juniperberry Oil, Peppermint Oil and other Essential Herbal Oils, Polysorbate 20.

How to use: The Night Before an Event

  • Apply KOOL 'N FIT® all over legs just before bedtime (does NOT stain).
  • Will help you relieve tension, calms your nerves, and allows your body a recharging sleep.
  • Eliminates the negative effects of restless, interrupted sleep the night before a race which are often overlooked by athletes.

Morning of Event Day

  • Apply KOOL 'N FIT® all over legs after wake-up or coming out of the shower.
  • Will stimulate body function, gets circulation going, makes you alert and invigorates.
  • Prepares your body for the upcoming exercise, you'll have a better performance and easier event.

At Event Site

  • Do your usual warm-up exercise, then apply KOOL 'N FIT® all over legs before stretching.
  • Allows more intense stretch, better warm-up, and give KOOL 'N FIT® enough time (about 10 minutes) to penetrate and start working. Then go to compete.

During The Event

  • Apply KOOL 'N FIT® during ultra distance events, at halftime, on the bike, in transition area, etc...
  • For easy application use spray bottle, (sprays upside down) or carry sponge soaked with KOOL 'N FIT® in plastic bag during a marathon, or fasten a bottle to bike, etc.
  • Extends endurance, invigorates when tired, cools on hot days. Soothes aching muscles & avoids cramping.

After Event or Exercise

  • Apply KOOL 'N FIT® right after event to refresh and recover.
  • Do not forget neck, forehead and temples, or lower back.
  • Take a bath with it (6-7 tablespoons in tub) - It's GREAT!
  • Better Recovery, Relieves cramps, invigorates your tired body.
  • Splash on skin before post event massage - Leaves no residue, no clogging of pores!
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